Summer Reading 2019

We are so excited to continue our summer reading project started in the summer of 2018. Students are encouraged to share book reviews with one another using an online video making tool called Flip Grid. This easy to use app will allow students to record a 1 minute book review of each book they read. The goal of this project is to share the amazing books we are reading with one another and to get recommendations for more books!

  1. Write a book review that takes one minute or less to read out loud
  2. Visit FlipGrid by clicking here
  3. Enter our Flipgrid code: vz8f3l7 (that is a lower case L in between the 3 and the 7)
  4. The password for the grid is RLSReads2018 (case sensitive)
  5. Bookmark this page for easy access throughout the summer. You can also download the app to a phone or tablet
  6. Choose the grid that matches your book
  7. Click on the green plus sign and follow the prompts to record your review

Please note, videos have to be approved by the moderator so you will not see it right away. And don’t worry if your book has already been reviewed – multiple reviews of the same book are allowed!

There are many examples on the grid already – click here to hear a book review of book one from the Kane Chronicles, here for a review of Harry Potter and here for a review of Loser.

Some students are not comfortable being video taped. If this is the case, they can just show the cover of the book and record their voice. Other students do not like to hear their voice so they have written their book review and had a friend record the video. Another option would be to mail (email or snail) your review to Mr. Carlson or Mrs. Musnicki.

For each review recorded or sent in, each student will be given a raffle ticket – the more reviews you share, the more tickets you will get. All students who participate at least once, will be invited to our summer reading celebration on the first Friday of school during which we will enjoy a frozen treat on the playground as well as an extra recess. At the celebration, students will use their tickets when we raffle off several prizes such as autographed copies of books, gift certificates to Barnes and Nobles and gift certificates to the RLS book fair.

Thank you to 2018 5th graders Gregory W. and Jacob M. and to 2018 6th graders Sean L., Charles M., Aurelia W., Ashley V., Zach G., Bianca T., Alena A., Cameron O., Belle S., and Lauren S. for their help getting this project up and running in the Spring of 2018!

Happy reading 🙂